femme cerebral 

Our Purpose

Femme Cerebral is an organization where multimedia journalism goes community. In today's world of fast media being the new form of marketing and education, we've neglected failing public schools, selective universities and prep schools, cost of tuition, among other socioeconomic influences on culture. Modern day capitalism no longer exists without corporate influence. Through university press, worker's press, academic style books, and archival research based on sociology, Femme Cerebral aims to provide an online blog as a community forum. We aim to provide our content as print magazines and books based on archival research in the world of journalism. Through transcending research into Socratic seminars within local communities across the nation, we also aim to bridge the gap between a physical space for community and the people's awareness of their influence on their environment and policy. Our podcasts provide social commentary to keep you in the FC classroom after school. As we continue our journey venturing into art and video that represents culture in the academic and political sense... our organization will bring research even further into "pop culture." In the human brain the neocortex functions better with hormones produced from nurturing. To keep the amygdala from it's short circuit processing of media, we are giving sociology the mothering it needs, Femme Cerebral.