Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Before the death of George Floyd, many knew the Minne Apple as a "Liberal" carbon free friendly accessible transit utopia with great bike infrastructure that has been becoming increasingly more popular for the high quality of life and their strong economy built around single family homes. After this article I strongly urge you to take a second look at how a police state has the third largest housing production shortfall and take action to support the defunding of the same police that killed George Floyd.

Increasing by almost 12% between 2010-2018 the population is almost 430,000. The local government of Minneapolis believes that warrants passing a $1.6 Billion budget for the police while their housing production shortfall is the third largest in metropolitan cities, right under San Francisco and Atlanta. Taking a look at the history of zoning from the North's Version of Jim Crow & Redlining known as Racial Covenants, these legal documents would forbid single family homes from being sold to POC and other non Aryan races. The lack of historically developing functional housing today has caused rent and home ownership prices to spike. Areas like Powderhorn Park, one of the most diverse neighborhoods, with over 50% of it's residents being people of color, and 20% of the population living below the poverty line with NO RENT CONTROL.

City leaders have proposed to eliminate the problem of housing being bought with cash by a new gentry, proposing that instead of abiding the laws of single family zoning on certain lots, the laws be reformed to build more multifamily homes on any lot up to three units. Three quarters of housing, being single family homes tend to cost more, and this law would idealistic be the start of dismantling the long history of segregation through allowing fiscal diversity in the housing market. Groups like Neighbors for More Neighbors, Minneapolis for Everyone, are concerned about building for density around the public infrastructure that already exists for environmental purposes, and that adding triplexes doesn't necessarily bring the housing market down. However, communities of color typical have multifamily infrastructure in place, which would mean that there will be a larger need for the city's mere $40 million 2020 budget for "affordable housing" compared to the the police state's $1.6 Billion. The "inclusionary"zoning policies to build more apartments and triplexes will not be a silver bullet for development and diversity unless the government can fiscally compete with those paying for single family homes in cash. Essentially if the budget doesn't not expand these Minnesota residents share concern that the new housing will either be luxury apartments for the rich displacing the city's minority population or simply new public housing units; neither of which necessary bridge the housing shortage among the wealth gaps that will sustain in a developing metropolitan city that needs rent control and housing diversity.

The true question we should be asking since the death of George Floyd is why is there so much more money being funded to the police that protect housing for the rich, than there is funding in city's budget to disrupt the housing market? DEFUND THE POLICE.


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