Not your feminist.

Updated: May 13, 2019

So many women struggle with claiming the umbrella term and agendas where feminism intersects. We know this, but why are women assuming that because their identity isn't represented in a particular space or aspect of culture that their uniqueness does not contribute to feminism? And for that matter, why should men?

Vice's Conservative and Liberal Women Debate Feminism, an open discussion on feminism, mentions the notion that third wave feminism's embrace of the LGBT leaves off the Q&A. Meaning, where is the revamp to traditional gender roles that unifies men and women after breaking gender norms? While this is a valid point, referring to the need for solidarity between women viewed as "anti-men" and men in general, the dismissal of how the LGBT challenges gender norms sweeps progressive principles under the rug of society's stigmatization of the LGBT dismantling ethnic communities.

The answer to solidarity between men in women in regards to gender is that women are tired of being used as either a mother figure or measured down to a daughter figure, only to be a pawn in teaching men how to be men. Men maintain societal privileges over women that will allow women to be abused or dismissed at any moment of inconvenience. The problem solving of emotional development that society neglects allowing men access to could be normalized by men holding other men accountable for their own self development just as they do their financial status. Which brings me be back to my point, how does a man seeking emotional resurgence not have a place in feminism? The bigger problem with our culture is allowing anyone to assume they have no place in a community of gender equality because they're not YOUR feminist.

In regards to the Pro-Life/ Pro-choice/ Pro-abortion debates of feminism, it is always assumed that in third wave feminism being anti-abortion is anti-feminist, and being pro-choice is being pro-abortion. Beauty Rest USA is hear to inform you that, both statements are wrong. Negating someone's right to abortion because Planned Parenthood was created as population control, gives no justification to eliminate a women's right to choose. Suggesting that funding be outsourced for abortion in a corporate controlled government does not make you anti feminist. Proclaiming that pro-choice agendas should not be protected by the government because of the political lack of grassroots funding in congress may make you naive, but it shouldn't pressure an identity of anti-feminism. Addressing that women's rite of passage to motherhood is stigmatized by the lack of nuclear family friendly policies + patriarchal aspects of social mobility does NOT make you anti-feminist. Assuming pro-choice is completely exclusive to pro-abortion rights does not make you anti-feminist, nor does it force your exclusivity to pro-life agendas because you feel pressured to either choice motherhood or abortion. Instead, choosing when motherhood works for you, if it does, should be your contribution in perspective to whatever agenda you so choose as a feminist. It doesn't give you the right to decide that feminism should have an umbrella agenda for any woman for that matter.

As feminism intersects, the discussions get deeper, but Beauty Rest USA applauds the Socratic aspect of this discussion via Vice. All we ask is that feminism not be written off just because i'm not your feminist. True feminism, in essence, is to discuss the diversity of where all feminist agendas intersect.


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